News Corp Australia and enter data sharing arrangement

The announcement:

News Corp Australia and today announced that they have entered into a strategic data sharing partnership which will significantly enhance both companies’ ability to offer targeting and audience insights for commercial partners.

The partnership combines News Corp Australia’s behavioural, transactional and content consumption data of 12 million Australians across the company’s network through their News Connect platform with’s behavioural and content data of the six million Australians who visit the site[1].

News Corp Australia’s chief digital officer Nicole Sheffield said: “News Connect uses powerful data sets to identify and target custom audience segments based on what people read, buy and do, enabling our clients to connect to audiences with precision across our network of engaged, premium environments. It is one of our most successful products and adding market leading to our stable of data partnerships significantly expands our offering with access to qualified, accurate behavioural audience data from the largest real estate site in Australia.”

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